Welcome on the information page

Here you can find al the information about the server.

  • Rank info

    There are no ranks in the server yet.
  • Staff info

    We now employ 3 staff members. They are the owners. We are talking about Lukas (LOL_Lukas_LOL), Yannick (Some name) and Casper (caserty). If you want to become a staff member, you can log in to the "Contacts" page. We probably do not take staff in the beginning, but we wish you a lot of success.
  • Game-play info

    On our server, skyblock is played. By skyblock you actually survival, but you do it on an island. So you have limited space to build and limited equipment to build. For more stuff you can go to the shop. In this shop there is almost everything for sale to survive on your island. At BananaMC there is a small addition, there are suddenly. You can expand the limited space you received by purchasing a plot. You can do that with in-game money. You can get in-game money by making a shop, sell your items cheaper than the other ones
  • Rules

    Yes yes, the rules. It has every server of course. Please, here are the rules: 1, Scolding or cursing is not allowed. 2, Spammen is really irritating and therefore not allowed 3, be nice to everyone and do not worry about anything. 4, the word: "ghighi" is really not allowed on this server 5, Afk machines are not allowed 6, grievances are allowed, do not bother about it. 7, listen to all mods, admins or owners. 8, rescue machines that are staffed according to the staff are not allowed. 9, just normal please.